Packing Tips

Pack Like a Pro!

Packing for a move or for storage can be a daunting task! 

But Longview Ranch Storage is here to help! Along with these Packing Tips, check out our Storage Tips and our Moving and Packing Supplies. Our goal is to provide the best storage and the best customer service in the Longview area! 

Pack boxes like a pro!► Boxes

Fill boxes to capacity. Partially full or bulging boxes may collapse or tip over while stored.

Close boxes securely with tape. Number and label each carton and box on the top and at least two sides. This will make locating items much easier.

Pack books in smaller boxes so they won't be too heavy to move easily. Throwing your back out won't improve your moving or storing experience!  Pack books flat to protect the book spines. 

Place heaviest items on the bottom of the box. 

Dishes and glassware require some extra TLC. Glass items should be individually wrapped in plain paper. "Nest" cups and bowls, and stack plates and platters. Fill air pockets with wrapping paper or foam peanuts. Label boxes "Fragile" so you can stack glassware boxes on the top.

►Mirrors, windows and screens

Wrap all glass well. Wrap corners and edges in cardboard for extra protection. Store on edge—not flat. 


Wrap and pack lamp shades separately. Use blank paper to wrap shades and other property that may be damaged by ink stains from regular newsprint.


Stand sofas and mattresses on end; Use mattress bags to protect mattresses from dirt and damage. 

Disassemble bed frames and tables. Wrap legs in plain paper, and collect all hardware in a sealed plastic bag. Label the bag and attach it to the underside of the piece. 

Keep upholstered items up off the floor. Place loose, light plastic dust covers or sheets over furniture.

►Appliances and electronics

Clean appliances thoroughly. Refrigerators and freezers must be defrosted and dry. Washing machines must be completely drained. Remove doors of appliances and store separately.

Use desiccants to absorb moisture. Check and empty containers regularly.

Disassemble lawn mowers, snow blowers, and other outdoor tools, making sure all of the fuel is completely drained.

See you at The Ranch►Bicycles and tools

Put a few drops of oil on a cloth and use it to wipe down bicycles and tools to prevent rusting. Store these items away from furniture to avoid oil staining.


Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers. Shoes can be stored in the bottom of the wardrobe boxes, while folded clothing can be stored in boxes or dresser drawers.

►Organize your storage unit

Number all of your labeled boxes, cartons, and other items. Make a list that briefly describes the contents of each numbered item.

Draw a "map" of your storage unit. As you place items into storage, mark the number of each item on the map to show where that item is located in the storage unit. A few extra minutes of effort at the beginning may save you hours of hunting for goods later on!

If you are using pallets, place them on a grid of 2' x 3's on the unit floor to give better air circulation under goods.

Avoid over-packing your storage unit. Leave a walkway so you can access all items in your storage room.