Storage Tips

Practice SMART Storage!

These Storage Tips along with our Packing Tips and Moving and Storage Supplies will help you make SMART decisions about storage. 

1. Some items don't belong in storage! 

Do not store hazardous or toxic materials.

Do not store flammable liquids or gases, combustibles, propane tanks, paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, or anything else that might create or intensify a fire. Why risk your possessions just to keep some inexpensive leftovers?

Do not store foods. Foods attract insects and vermin that can infest and damage your property.

If you are unsure whether something should be stored, please ask the staff. We're always glad to help. 

2. Protect your property. 

Remember, you alone are responsible for providing insurance on your property. You must buy insurance coverage yourself, and you must pay the premium yourself. The self-storage facility does not insure your goods.

Remember that only the tenant is legally entitled to enter the storage space unless other arrangements have been made with the self-storage facility. For example, if you want friends and family members to access your storage space, you must list them under Access on the rental agreement. 

3. Choose the best storage option for your property.

If you are storing bedding, clothing, fabric-covered furniture, or other property that may be affected by changes in temperature or by high humidity, climate-controlled storage may provide a better environment to keep your property in good condition. 

4. Stay dry. 

Make sure that everything you place in your storage room is dry. Moisture causes mildew. If you move during rain, dry off your property before placing it into storage. Don't store anything that is wet. Moisture is bad for virtually all property or goods.

See you at The Ranch!5. Stay aware.

Visit your self-storage space regularly to check the condition of your possessions. Occasionally move or shift your goods so that you see all sides of them.

Report any problems immediately.

6. Follow move-out procedures.

When moving out of storage, give at least 10 days written notice. Take everything and don’t leave any trash. Leave the unit in clean, swept out condition. Remove your lock.

7. We're here to help!

Remember, we're always happy to answer any questions you may have!