Climate Control

Climate Control: The Best Storage Choice!

Climate-Controlled storage is the ideal storage solutionWe are proud to offer our customers the choice of regular and climate-controlled storage units. All of our units are made from high quality materials and provide some insulation. However, our climate-controlled units offer the added protection of reducing humidity and keeping temperatures within a moderate range (generally between 60° Fahrenheit in the winter and ​80° in summer). 

High or low temperatures, along with high humidity, are the leading causes of damage to stored property. Scorching summers, bitter winters, high humidity, or environments that have extreme temperature changes throughout the year can damage plastic, paper, fabric, and other materials that make up goods in storage. 

Climate control provides the ideal storage environment.

Climate control helps prevent mildew as well as warping, hardening, and the expansion and contraction of materials caused by extremes of heat, cold and humidity. Climate-controlled units also have entry door locks and well-lit interior hallways and offer restricted access. Restricted access gives you a greater sense of security, knowing that any stored documents or property will not get into the wrong hands.

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